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Columbus Phenix City Inventors Association (CPC) was formed in 2010 by Mike Turner. He is an inventor that created a product that helps millions of men who suffer from frequent urinary problems. Having an idea as an inventor is not easy getting your product into the stores or receiving a royalty. There are several steps you must go through to make it a reality. Not knowing the steps can cost you thousands of dollars.   

So he realized there are thousands of people that have great ideas that would solve problems here and abroad; but don't know what to do next. That's why CPC Inventors Association was created to help people go through the steps involved without paying an arm and a leg. As a non-profit association, they offer free monthly meetings teaching people what, where and how to get started and help them through the process. 

Real testimonials



"I joined the association to help me with my idea. They kept my idea and product confidential until they walked me through the steps that was necessary to understand the process. They even filed my provisional patent for me. I am happy with the results. Great association".    Daphne A.

"I was impressed with the knowledge and skill the professionals in the association has. Since I don't live close by, they were able to help me by phone and email.  I'm glad a friend recommended them".   Bradley G.

"As a student, they have professional people that are helping me produce my prototype. I recommend anyone who is looking for a professional association that wants to get their idea or product from start to finish into the marketplace."      Veer S.

"I was pleased that this organization existed. I have used on-line companies in the past to no avail. Since working with this association they have filed my Provisional Patent. I was very pleased with the results. I will use them to help me with my other projects. Great organization."      Frank M.

"I chose this association because of its reputation of being honest and truthful. They helped me with my idea from concept to research to filing a Provisional Patent and finding a manufacturer. Didn't have to spend a lot. If you want an organization you can trust, this is the one."    Diane G.